W&LE single sheathed box cars

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Ed and list members,

Ed Mines wrote:

I recall that W&LE had some single sheathed door and a half box cars
with 2 panel, verical ribbed steel ends like PM double sheathed box
The cars were real "odd ducks" with 3 diagonals on one side and 2 on
the other, similar to PM cars. However whereas the the PM cars had
Pratt trusses on the sides (diagonal adjacent to the doors on the
bottom) the W&LE cars had more conventional Howe trusses with the
diagonals adjacent to the doors at the top.
I've always thought these W&LE single-sheathed box cars would be fun to build as they are definitely quite unusual.

Altho the ones I have seen were single-door cars, not "door and a half" cars that Ed described.

A good builders photo of W&LE 27998 shows up in the Westerfield AC&F builders photo CD as image 9110.JPG

An in-service photo of W&LE 27009 (?) appears in Pennsy Power 3 by Staufer on page 109.

Anyone know of any other good photos of these?

- Claus Schlund

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