Re: W&LE single sheathed box cars


--- In, "Claus Schlund (HGM)" <claus@...> wrote:
I've always thought these W&LE single-sheathed box cars would be fun
to build as they are definitely quite unusual.
Altho the ones I have seen were single-door cars, not "door and a
half" cars that Ed described.

I think you're right about the door Claus; maybe I was thinking about
cars with single doors.

I think all agree - unusual.

I wonder if you can make those vertical ribbed ends with the ends from
Intermountain USRA gons?

RDG used those ribbed sheets (used on some USRA cars including the
composite gondolas) as replacement sheets for 9 ribbed, 2 bay hoppers,
both for ends and even slope sheets.


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