Re: Doors for NYC Lot 773-B boxcars

Ed Hawkins

On Jan 30, 2009, at 11:06 AM, Mark Heiden wrote:

I'm looking for some information concerning the doors used on New York
Central boxcars from Lot 773-B. These cars were numbered NYC 168000-
168999, built in 1949. Both Superior and Youngstown doors seem to have
been used; NYC 168111 had a Superior door, while NYC 168658 and 168737
had Youngstown doors. Does anyone know how many cars recieved which
doors, and the breakdown in car numbers?
While your question is innocent enough, the answer isn't easy to
determine with the available data. Perhaps Jeff English has more data
to offer based on information beyond what I have.

According to the NYC diagram dated 1/1/54, the Lot 773-B order was
broken into two groups: 168000-168399 and 168400-168999. However, NYC
diagrams do not specify the type of doors or any other specialty
items. Based on photos we might conclude that the first 400 cars had
Superior and the last 600 had Youngstown, but that would be

To further document individual cars, photos of 168632, 168736, and
168770 show YSD. In addition to 168658 and 168737, all of these were
the postwar style door like that offered by Branchline Trains in their
40' box car kits having 6' door openings. The only photo I've seen from
168000-168399 is the same one you have seen (168111) having 7-panel
Superior doors with evenly-spaced panels.

Note 1 on the NYC diagram states that 200 cars (168400-168599) have
repair doors from Lot 703-B modified to dimensionally suit Lot 773-B.
Note 2 states 200 cars from Lot 773-B assigned temporary Pacemaker
service with no change to road numbers (Note 2 has nothing to do with
the type of doors).

Lot 703-B was series 157000-158072 built by Despatch Shops in 1941-42.
These were 1937 AAR box cars with 10' inside height, so to fit on the
Lot 773-B cars they had to be made 6" taller. All photos I've seen from
this series had the prewar style YSD like that furnished in the Red
Caboose kit. Some of the Lot 703-B cars were modified and apparently
renumbered (only 797 of 1,073 cars remained in series 157000-158072 in
4/51). The 200 sets of doors from Lot 703-B were likely made available
because of cars that were modified. There are a bunch of small groups
of cars numbered in the 84000-87999 series having various sized door
openings and some with 10' IH. I could not find anything definitive
about the modifications to the 200 cars from Lot 703-B and what they

Maybe someone on the STMFC has a photo from series 168400-168599 to
help determine what these modified doors looked like.
Ed Hawkins

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