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When did the ATSF start to use silver for the MOW cars?
Michael Bishop

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The instructions to the Sunshine Santa Fe Work Train set (our of production) state "battleship gray paint is a matter of choice. The Budger Primer is a suitable shade of gray. This gray has a blue hue to it. Keith Jordan recommends use of D&H Gray because it has a warmer or brown hue."

Bill Childers in the Santa Fe Modeler reported "The interior of most cars appears to have been pale green (Apple Green) with some dining cars having tan interiors."
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Hi all,
I have a few freight cars which are too "old" for revenue service on
my 1950 ATSF layout. They would be perfect for MOW service and I'd
like to repaint them "battleship grey" as they should be. What is the
right color or color mix? I am normally using Floquil.
Peter Aue

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