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My prototype, the Yosemite Valley Railroad, may not be equivalent to the
SP&S or SN. In addition, my research has been limited to switch
lists, ARA
cars on hand reports, and photos and not volumes of conductor wheel
or such. The YV interchanged with both the SP and ATSF in Merced but was
otherwise a true "point to point" railroad. (They did move some cars
one interchange to the other however, since I didn't model the ATSF
interchange, that doesn't help me increase the variety in my freight car

In summary, a majority of the cars seen on the YV were from other
railroads such as the SP and ATSF (largest contributors) and others
such as
NP, WP, GN, UP, etc. Reefers were limited to the PFE and Santa Fe.
Tank cars
were limited to UTLX as far as I can tell. Home cars (YV) were used
for LCL
and on-line to on-line movements but were not allowed off-line.
There were
obviously exceptions to these western railroads but I have to restrain
myself when buying new resin kits in order to model the norm and not
exceptions. For example, a few years ago, I was corresponding with
Hendrickson about the then-new Sunshine Muncie & Western Ball Line
box car. I really wanted to build one of these cars since I had
built an old
Main Line (?) M&W kit as a youngster. While Richard argued that
these cars
were seen all over the US and could maybe be seen in Merced, he had to
concede that they wouldn't have been seen anywhere on the YV. Of
course, a
few Pennsy and NYC cars can still be considered reasonable,
especially since
the on-line lumber mill shipped to the east coast. Knowing where
manufactured or produced on line were shipped can help determine
car owners.

Modeling a shortline can sometimes be frustrating if you want to be
but also have a varied freight car fleet with all of the interesting

Jack Burgess
Jack: You know you could get that Muncie and Western car in there
pretty reasonably. On the NEB&W website, under Mather boxcars, Martin
Lofton is quoted as saying one Ball Line car was on the road for five
and a half years, visiting ninety-three railroads on the trip. The YV
must have been one of those ninety-three, don't you think? Granted the
car would stick out a bit if you ran it all time but still...

Stephan Parachuk

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