Re: Freight Car Distribution on smaller RRs

Mark Pierce <marcoperforar@...>

While the odds of any particular small railroad's car (most likely a
box car) would be on another, far-away, small railroad's tracks is
probably too small to measure, I propose that the odds of any one of
all such small railroads' cars showing up is much higher. For us
model railroaders, I say have a small fleet of "oddball" rolling
stock but rotate them on/off the layout.

Mark Pierce

--- In, Bruce Smith <smithbf@...> wrote:

Folks can argue whether the Nelson-Gilbert model is valid or
not 'til
they are blue in the face, but one advantage we, as WWII era
have, is that the Nelson-Gilbert model is the RULE... since the
service rules were suspended. What that does for you in this
situation is unclear, since the M&W proportion of the national
is pretty small...say for the purposes of discussion, 0.1% In
case one M&W car would visit the YV for every 1000 foreign boxcars
that visit. Not impossible, but definitely unlikely. Normally, I
think most of us say "don't model the oddballs", but in this case,
this is a "teachable moment". The presence of occasional rare-
boxcars represents the REALITY of the WWII traffic pattern, and is
part of what is "normal" for that period of time. I have reserved
small percentage of my fleet for "interesting" rare foreign cars
precisely that reason.

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