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Do you have any data showing which cars arrived loaded and which were
supplied by ATSF or SP for lumber loading?

John King

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Steve wrote:

Its been a few years since I last looked up this information but
I know that Railway Age used to publish this kind of data in
either their January or February issues (or maybe it was

We talked about this a few months ago regarding reports, etc. It is
that the railroads collected this information because of per diem
I have some AAR "Empty Freight Cars on Hand" data which was
tabulated twice
a month...on the 15th and on the 31st. I wish I had more but what I
have is
for the period December 31, 1936 through March 31, 1937. The empty
cars on
hand on those reporting dates were:

ATSF Box 14
GN Box 4
SP Box 16
UP Box 1
Other Box 7
SP Auto 1
UP Auto 2
WP Auto 14
ATSF Open Top 14
SP Open Top 3
Other* 13
* Other (Not box, auto, refrig, or open top)

This is obviously a very small sample but there were 69 freight
cars from
western roads (ATSF, SP, etc.) and 20 non-western railroad cars
meaning 77%
of the empty cars on hand on those dates were from western roads.
"other" box cars could have included NYC and anything else...those
have been in proportion to the national fleet. The Other* cars
would have
included tank cars (most likely ULTX), refrigerator cars (PFE,
Santa Fe),
and other types of cars.

Jack Burgess

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