Re: Freight Car Distribution on smaller RRs

Marty McGuirk

A while back I posted a compilation of a series of wheel reports for
all northbound boxcar traffic from White River Junction, Vermont, on
the CV (it's in the Files section under

A couple of thoughts based on this particular exercise:
1. Excatly 1/2 of the cars were CN
2. There's a suprisingly large percentage of home road "CV" cars
considering the relatively small size of the road's boxcar fleet.
3. As a CN subsidiary, there would be a large number of CN cars on CV
rails since, IAW car handling rules most of those CN cars are heading
4. This data doesn't support any of the more common model railroad
perceptions of car fleet proportions - looking at these numbers one
wouldn't conclude that "everyone should be a PRR (or NYC, or ATSF
etc . . .) modeler" - there were as many IC cars as ATSF cars
5. Although we have reason to believe this data set is complete for
October 1953 running north from WRJ, we don't have the complete
picture of cars running in the opposite direction

The main conclusion I drew from this is I better stock up on CN
boxcars! Something photo study had already revealed to me.

And no Jack, no "Ball Line" cars for me either.

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