Re: PS-0? 1940 Pullman Welded Box Car by AW Enterprises - Thoughts?

Tim O'Connor

Pullman welded box car (PS-0) original roster:

B&LE 90101- 90200 blt 1938 6' 6p SUP lot 5584
CGW 90000- 90049 blt 1938 6' 6p SUP lot 5584
NKP 20000- 20199 blt 1940 6' 7p SUP lot 5604A
PM 84000- 84099 blt 1940 6' 7p SUP lot 5604B
RI 149051- blt 1939 6' 6p SUP
UP 186000-186049 blt 1938 6' 6p SUP lot 5584
W&LE 26000- 26199 blt 1940 6' 7p SUP lot 5604C

The AWE brass import sports an Equipco E-369 brake
wheel (production 1937-1942).

Tim O'Connor

I have one of those I bought years ago. I'm not a rivet counter, that's
hard to do on a welded car anyway : ) So I have no opinion on the
accuracy of the model. Looks good to me. I decaled mine CGW using Champ
road name and data sets. I also build an old Yankee Clipper (F&C) kit.
The F&C decals were so bad in it I used Champ on that car too. I have
built other F&C kits. I would only order F&C decals as the very last
PS-O is a modeler made term frowned upon by certain members of this
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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