Re: Freight Car Distribution on smaller RRs

Steve Lucas <stevelucas3@...>


IMHO, there is no one STMFC distribution model that can be universally
applied by all STMFC modellers. Each has its own merits. But it's
said that when the only tool that one has is a hammer, every problem
becomes a nail.

STMFC layout owners could use primary sources (i.e. switch lists,
wheel reports) for car distribution--if they were available. Of
course, for most this is not the case. But to rely on any one model
alone is fraught with peril. I like the N-G (seems to be mostly
overhead traffic on a transcon piece of the UPRR) data, but can I
really use it in MY STMFC layout roster? I'm more inclined to
consider (and favour the study of to determine my STMFC roster) what
was shipped/received/overhead traffic in my prototype line segment.

And this discussion makes me realise that those GA, D&H, and B&M
boxcars are not going to be seen on my 1956 Eastern Ontario layout too

Steve Lucasv

--- In STMFC@..., "Gene Green" <bierglaeser@...> wrote:

It seems to me that the various mathematical or statistical schemes
have one starting in the wrong place.

On most model railroads there are loads that originate on the modeled
portion, loads that have a destination on the modeled portion and loads
that simply pass through the scene. (Jack Burgess' Yosemite Valley and
similar RRs that only connect with the rest of the world at one point
would not have that latter category, I suppose.)

First, I think, one should determine what gets shipped from or
delivered to points on the modeled portion. Those loads will
necessarily suggest, and in some cases demand, a certain type of car.
Next determine how much is shipped or received. Now you can determine
the number of the various types of cars needed.

Now one has the information needed to start using a mathematical or
statistical scheme ONLY IF better information is not available.

Gene Green

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