Re: MKT SS box cars

Richard Hendrickson

On Feb 3, 2009, at 9:34 AM, ed_mines wrote:

I asked this question before - how common were BC red, SS MKT box cars
just after WWII?

I saw a 1958-59 NKP video on TV yesterday with an aforementioned BCR

I have photographic evidence of a yellow car repainted in 6-48 and a
BCR car repainted in 4-49 (as well as several BCR cars repainted in
the early '50s). So by the '58-'59 date of the video, few (if any)
Katy SS box cars would have survived in yellow. And cars started to
be repainted yellow ca. 1942 - I have a photo of a car repainted BCR
in 10-41- so some BCR cars doubtless lasted into the early prewar
era, especially considering the deferred maintenance of the war years.

Richard Hendrickson

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