Re: Retail gas stations of the 1950's

Charles Hladik

I recently gave away a book titled "The Gas Station in America". This
was from Johns Hopkins Press who also has one titled "The Motel in America".
Both of these have a pretty good history of the players and quite a few photos.
Hope this helps.
Chuck Hladik

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brian@... writes:

I hope the Mike will allow mw a little latitude here since this group
is often a source of wide ranging information. I am looking for an
avenue to determine what retail gasoline stations operated in the
towns I model in the mid 1950's. I have done the usual ebay searches,
and am in the process of inquiring through local historical societies,
old business directories, phone books etc.. Many of these towns had a
bulk distributor'bulk distributor'<WBR>s that received shipment's in ste
but through mergers and acquisitions, I am not sure who the players
were in 1957. Does anyone have any advice on where I might find
additional information?

Brian carlson

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