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At least one survived into at least 1958. You will find a photo of a
yellow SS MKT boxcar in the group's photos section under MKT. This car
was yellow... well most of it. There was a good deal of flaking paint
and exposed -- graying -- wood. And the reweight information was white
lettering on BCR patches.

The location is Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The car was on the team track
being unloaded. The load was bricks.

The photo is not that good as it is a scan from a rather poor
enlargement. But the camera was not that good either. A Kodak 616 with
a pull-out metal bellows. Oh, and the photographer was a 12 year old
kid. Me.

I am planning on modeling this specific car.

-- Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

On Feb 5, 2009, at 4:37 PM, Richard Hendrickson wrote:

On Feb 3, 2009, at 9:34 AM, ed_mines wrote:

I asked this question before - how common were BC red, SS MKT box
just after WWII?

I saw a 1958-59 NKP video on TV yesterday with an aforementioned BCR
I have photographic evidence of a yellow car repainted in 6-48 and a
BCR car repainted in 4-49 (as well as several BCR cars repainted in
the early '50s). So by the '58-'59 date of the video, few (if any)
Katy SS box cars would have survived in yellow. And cars started to
be repainted yellow ca. 1942 - I have a photo of a car repainted BCR
in 10-41- so some BCR cars doubtless lasted into the early prewar
era, especially considering the deferred maintenance of the war years.

Richard Hendrickson

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