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I noticed your comment about MKT single sheathed surviving in Sloan
Yellow into the 1950s. I am working on patterns for this car and
have photos of a fair number of cars taken in the 1960s still in
Yellow. A quick check of the pictures shows 95038,95680 and
96264. In the background of 95038, there appears to be string of
cars in yellow. The photo was taken in Fort Worth around 1969.
I am not disputed the statement that "few if any cars survived in
yellow". It does give photographic proof that cars lasted a long
time in this color scheme.

Gene Deimling

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On Feb 3, 2009, at 9:34 AM, ed_mines wrote:

I asked this question before - how common were BC red, SS MKT box
just after WWII?

I saw a 1958-59 NKP video on TV yesterday with an aforementioned

I have photographic evidence of a yellow car repainted in 6-48 and
BCR car repainted in 4-49 (as well as several BCR cars repainted
the early '50s). So by the '58-'59 date of the video, few (if
Katy SS box cars would have survived in yellow. And cars started
be repainted yellow ca. 1942 - I have a photo of a car repainted
in 10-41- so some BCR cars doubtless lasted into the early prewar
era, especially considering the deferred maintenance of the war

Richard Hendrickson

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