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Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2001 7:06 AM
Subject: [STMFC] UP was Richard's fault

As I was beginning analysis of the wine carrying cars in the UP
Frt Conductor's Book, [snip]
Mike, are you seeing blocks of wine loads in your book too? I found one in
mine too, same train, eastbound, all these cars close together or adjacent:

road carnr type contents
WFEX 65729 REEFER Wine
PHPX 6356 Wine
GATX 33834 TANK Wine
GATX 991 TANK Wine
NADX 1583 Wine
SFRD 36427 REEFER Wine
PFE 45866 REEFER Wine
GATX 33436 TANK Wine
GATX 66187 TANK Wine
GATX 33818 TANK Wine
PFE 30267 REEFER Wine

Dave Nelson

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