Re: AMB Wheels Masks

Tim O'Connor

Those AMB wheel masks look great. Modeler's Choice makes
less expensive masks that let you paint 8 at a time. Or
buy 5 sets for the price of 2 AMB sets and paint 40 at a
time instead of 8. (I only say this because generally it
is best to let the wheels dry before removing them from
the mask.)

Most steam era wheel faces were caked with oil or dirt+oil.


At 2/6/2009 10:51 AM Friday, you wrote:
I never could get over the use of masks, use of masking tape, etc. I
kept a couple pair of "shop" trucks, put the wheelsets in them and
painted. A pipe cleaner dipped in thinner done immediately cleaned the
treads. It usually even left a thin edge of the weathering on the outer
edge of the tread.

Jerry Glow

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Finally - a durable, cleanable (acrylic AND solvent-based paints),
flexible wheel mask with a built-in handle. Might not be able to paint
more than four wheelsets at a time, but with the ease of
loading/unloading, one should be able to paint just as many in the
same amount of time as using other, more unwieldy masks. Having less
mask material in the way of the airbrush stream is also a big plus.

Mike Fortney

Disclaimer: Yeah, I'll confess to being one of the culprits nagging
AMB for years to produce this!

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