Re: AMB Wheels Masks

Richard Hendrickson

On Feb 6, 2009, at 10:34 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:
Those AMB wheel masks look great. Modeler's Choice makes
less expensive masks that let you paint 8 at a time. Or
buy 5 sets for the price of 2 AMB sets and paint 40 at a
time instead of 8. (I only say this because generally it
is best to let the wheels dry before removing them from
the mask.)

Most steam era wheel faces were caked with oil or dirt+oil.

Tim makes a most important point here, especially since the photos on
the AMB website show the wheels in their jig painted a uniform rust
color. Okay for wheels in roller bearing trucks, but definitely NOT
okay on steam era freight cars with solid bearings. Oil leaking past
the primitive seals at the back of the journal boxes ran out onto the
wheel faces, which distributed it all over the underside of the car
and, in stripes, up the ends of adjacent cars. The oil, of course,
collected grime, with the result that the wheel faces were a dirty
dark gray. Wheel backs and axles, on the other hand were a dirty
rust color. Though there is an abundance of photographic evidence
for this, I repeatedly see models of steam era freight cars at RPM
meets or in photos with rusty wheels, though I suppose that's better
than shiny metal wheels popped into the trucks just as they come out
of the box.

Richard Hendrickson

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