Re: "Fascinated by the obscure"

George Courtney

Pure suppositon, but Southern loaded some coke in open hoppers which
could have been sent to the eastern Pa. area to a foundry or steel
mill and then were reloaded and sent into New England from there
rather than returned home.

George Courtney

On Sat, February 7, 2009 8:15 am, A. Premo wrote:
Well,maybe not so obscure,but seeing an IC stock car,a
Southern and
hopper in northern New England left me scratching my
head .Armand Premo


The hoppers are a puzzle someone else might address, but coming
up with a
plausible story for the stock car is relatively easy. Clearly,
it came
from the west, most likely the Chicago area. I don't know how
finished beef ended up being shipped for slaughter to New
England from
Chicago but that is definitely one possibility. Large amounts
traveled as far as New York. This car would simply have been an
empty at the point of loading. Headed in the "wrong direction"
to car service rules, but hey, they needed an empty (and we all
know by
now that car service rules were often ignored at the local
Another option would be the transfer of breeding cattle (most
dairy) from a location on the IC to the location in New
England. After
all, it is doubtful that the IC had an empty Rutland car on hand
to load

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL


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