Re: Photos from the National Archives of Canada


The National Archive collection is very wide ranging in terms of dates.
There are a lot of pre 1900 shots, especially of passenger cars. I recall one
box contained dozens of LS&MS truss rod passenger cars. I've gotten PRR
freight cars that went back into the 1890's also. On the other end I have seen
many photos that were post WWII. For example there was a nice shot of one of
the first PS1 box cars on display at Washington Union Station.
There is no order at all to the boxes it seems, and the staff refuses to
let you place things in better order, for example a box might contain a half
dozen prints of the same car, in a half dozen different spots in the box, and
you are not allowed to move them all to a single group. This said, there are
some boxes that are fairly "pure" in terms of their contents, such as a box of
nothing but Michigan Central steam power, or WWII navy ships. (yes, he
collected ship photos too).
Gay Lepkey, who last I knew was working at the archives did a pretty
extensive listing of what was in various boxes back in the 1980's. I don't know
if that effort was continued or not. If you plan a trip to the archives allow
at least a couple days for your searching.
Rich Burg
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