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Save your time on Choo Choo. Released in 1932 it opens with a Santa
Fe steam engine pulling a passenger train to a stop but never finds
anything for this lists subject matter. While there are railroad
scenes they were somehow able to not film even a part of a Steam Era
Freight Car.

I look forward to watching Railroadn' when it arrives.

Larry Castle - Seattle

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Sure is, right there in black and white on the screen under series
details. That's what I get for
doing things late at night . . .



Railroadin' is on disk one, I don't know what Choo Choo is but
ordered disks one and three from Netflix to find out.

Larry Castle - Seattle

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Netflix has a "The Little Rascals, the complete series" eight
set, which doesn't include this
title, but does include a title "Choo Choo" on the third disk.
Does anybody know if "Choo Choo" is
a retitling of "The Little Rascals in Railroadin' "?


A friend sent me a copy of The Little Rascals in Railroadin',
shrt circa 1930 with the kids
inadvertantly starting an
ATSF loco and their adventures. Plenty of steam, lots of
trackage, some freight. Worth a watch. -
Al Westerfield

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