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Richard Brennan <brennan8@...>

Those of us on the FAR West Coast have the luxury of knowing that the helium cars did run regularly (albeit not in large numbers) out to the military and aerospace installations in California.

FWIW... NAS Moffett Field and Edwards AFB were known destinations... as well as industrial gas supply houses serving the aerospace industries.

...and who makes the clasp-brake trucks???

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

At 08:18 PM 2/11/2009, Anthony Thompson wrote:
Steve Hile wrote:
Back in June of 2007 there was a flurry of messages surrounding the
possibility of a quality model of one or more phases of helium cars
along with separate decals. Jay Miller did a terrific presentation on
the industry at Naperville and the ATSF meet.

Since then, it has been quiet. Has anyone heard of any progress on
this front?
Those of us in the West are eagerly waiting for the opportunity
to run unit trains of these cars . . . <g>

Tony Thompson

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