Re: Helium Cars

Rod Miller

Bruce, thanks for the info on the HO PRB car.

I have the O scale PRB car. The tanks on it are
separate pieces, and IMHO it is a nice model. Very
heavy BTW which I attribute to all those separate


Bruce Smith wrote:

On Thu, February 12, 2009 12:34 pm, Rod Miller wrote:
This car was imported in O and HO by Pecos River Brass
(now OOB). See

I have no connection with shopwiki...

No offense to you or the person selling this car, but the Pecos River car
is just AWFUL! A close look will show you that the tanks are a single
stamping. Heck, the Ambroid car looks better! Amongst those few of us
who really care and see a need for this car, it seems clear that a new
resin car is really the right way to go with this...
Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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