Re: Boxcar construction details, C&EI 65000-65499

Ed Hawkins

On Feb 12, 2009, at 8:31 PM, Mark Heiden wrote:

1) These cars were built in at least two lots in 1951 and 1952. Which
car numbers were built which month and year? I have March 1951 for
65095, and April 1952 for 65360.

2) What sort of brakewheels were used? The shot of 65095 shows a
Champion brakewheel, while a shot of 65360 may show an Equipco

3) What sort of running boards were utilized? I believe the photo of
65095 indicates a US Gypsum running board.

4) I think ASF A-3 Ride Control trucks were used on all cars in the
series. Is this correct?

Any help would be appreciated.

Mark Heiden
The cars were built in two groups, 65000-65299 in 1951 and 65300-65499
in 1952. The C&EI diagram provides the year of production, but not the
months. Builder was Eastern Illinois Equipment Company of Danville,
Illinois. The diagram references orders from International Steel, which
I can only presume furnished steel parts other than specialty items.

Roof: SREM diagonal panel riveted
Ends: Dreadnaught Corrugated Steel Ends (R+3/4 Improved)
Side sheathing: .10" welded (12 panels per side)
Doors: Youngstown with Camel fixtures (65000-65199 and 65300-65499);
Utility doors and fixtures (65200-65299)
Hand brakes: Champion-Peacock (65000-65299); Miner (65300-65499)
Running boards and brake steps: U.S. Gypsum expanded metal (all 500
Trucks: ASF A-3 Ride-Control (all 500 cars)
Wheels: One wear wrot steel (65000-65299); cast iron (65300-65499)
8-rung ladders

You didn't ask about these, but another series of cars 100 cars
(66200-66299) were built in 1952 with identical features as
65300-65499. One exception was that 66275-66299 had Nailable Steel
Flooring. Arnold Menke offers an excellent photo of C&EI 66222, new
5-52, photographed Winnipeg, Manitoba in August 1952.
Ed Hawkins

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