Re: Boxcar construction details, C&EI 65000-65499

Mark Heiden

Hi Ed,

I think the reference to International Steel on the equipment diagrams
is regarding the Utility doors on CEI 65200-65299. I found a message in
the STMFC archives (#27787) addressing this. These doors, which
featured a small door located high on the main door for loading bulk
commodities, were fabricated by International Steel. There is text and
a picture on page 323 in the 1953 Car Builder's Cyclopedia.
Interestingly, these doors seem to have been installed on cars destined
for sand loading.


--- In STMFC@..., Ed Hawkins <hawk0621@...> wrote:
The cars were built in two groups, 65000-65299 in 1951 and 65300-
in 1952. The C&EI diagram provides the year of production, but not
months. Builder was Eastern Illinois Equipment Company of Danville,
Illinois. The diagram references orders from International Steel,
I can only presume furnished steel parts other than specialty items.

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