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RE; The Avondale Yard Photo
There doesn't appear to be a 50' car anywhere in sight. Look at the cars on the leftmost RIP track that look like roofless loaded boxcars. There appears to be a (striped) steam line with a tap to the yard office (I assume) that parallels the track and ends in front of a tool shed. There is a potbelly stove out in the open between the tracks. The entire yard looks recently ballasted. At least two "economy" cabooses built on flatcars from old boxcars. Approximately 15% of the cars are tank cars. There are no floodlights for yard illumination. Very peculiar because I've heard it gets real darak at night in that part of Louisiana.

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The rip track at T&NO yard in Avondale, LA in 1942.
This image makes me think we do not model enough of this aspect.
http://tinyurl. com/9fxs39
Note the caboose built from a boxcar in the lower center; it has long
boarding steps below the side doors and laddeds to the roof alongside
the doors, with extra lateral platforms above each.

New York Central Pier 7, 1948, part deux.
http://tinyurl. com/9efcpl
Note the two trackless trolleys (trolley busses to some) on flatcats
at the lower left.


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