Westerfield ACF Photo CD Electronic Index

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi List Members,

A while back, I purchased one of Al Westerfield's excellent ACF Photo CDs.

The good part of this CD is that it has hundreds of lovely ACF builders photos.

The bad part of this CD is that there is no simple electronic way to search the CD contents. Things like, say, find all the photos of PRR cars. Or find all the photos of tank cars. Or find all the cars built in 1919.

In short, there is no electronic index of any sort, making it hard to find what you are looking for other than by labor-intensive means.

To remedy this, I created such an index. It can be found at the url below.


If the url does not work, go to groups.yahoo.com, log in, go to the STMFC group, go to the files section, and go to "Westerfield ACF Photo CD Index".

There you will find an excel spreadsheet listing the CD file name, road name, car number, build date, and car type.

While I did the grunt work of doing the data entry, I make no ownership claim of this thing - everyone is free to use this as they wish. For example, if Al would like to distribute it with the CD, that is entirely fine with me.

As a rule, when doing the data entry, I took the builder's date from the car lettering when available and legible, and if not, I used what was indicated on the chalkboard found in some images.

I'm sure there are a million mistakes, they are all mine. In particular, things like distinguishing reefers from insulated boxcars was not always possible, so I guessed. Still, this is better than what we had before, even with all the warts.

Enjoy - Claus Schlund

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