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Now that you mentioned it, seems I had seen a couple of recent pics also in one of the Rail Photo sites. I knew they were fairly recent, cause they had AEI data tags on the sides, although those came out in the 90's.
Gene, yes I recall there was a semi permanent set mentioned in the publication I have.
Rich Christie

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Rich C (don't know his last name) wrote:
I don't know if it has been mentioned, but the capacity of the
prototype is 200,000 lbs! Most cars were built with special heavier
duty trucks, both friction bearing and in the sixties roller
All were retired by 1998+/-.
Glad you said "+", since I saw several of them on the siding at
Cape Canaveral in 2006.

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I photographed MAHX 1301 and 1047 at Oro Grande, NM on a US Army siding
adjacent to White Sands Missile Range in June 1982 and MAHX 1211-A &
1211-B at Rincon, New Mexico on the Santa Fe in December 1989. The car
numbers 1211-A & 1211-B suggest a permanently couple pair of cars but I
don't recall ever checking that while I was there.

Gene Green

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