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John: I just posted a photo in an album called "old cars upgraded"
. .
It's shown on the site as "currently empty," Stephan.

. . . a 1950s Varney tank car that I updated with improved details.
It's kind of silly but I like it anyway. It looks really big next to
an 8000 gallon tank but I like the history of the car.
If you measure up the car and convert to prototype
dimensions, you'll find it's about 11,100 gallons in size, quite a lot
larger than the 8000-gallon car you're comparing it to. (And BTW, an
oddball size among the prototype fleet.)

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Tony: Like I said it's kind of silly. As for the photo, I posted it
but it's waiting for approval. The size issue though, does raise a
problem with doing old kits; it seems the die makers in those days
just couldn't believe how small HO was. There's a fellow in the
Naigara area who models NYC named Bill Sharpe who did an article many
years ago on turning an old Life-Like stock car into an NYC prototype.
He had to narrow the car with a big old blade in his table saw. When
he was done it was a great model but he took a chunk out of that
thing. And of course many of us recall doing similiar things with
deisel shells back in the day too. So I wouldn't invest too much in
old stuff but once in a while it's fun to do. Sort of like re-visiting
your lost youth!

Stephan Parachuk

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