Re: What to do with my Trix tank cars?


Thanks for the responses. Usually I do my research BEFORE asking a
question--this time it's after. I went back to the group archives
and discovered some "disapproval" of the Trix cars--I certainly don't
disagree. I wondered if I could make lemonade.

I went to Kaminski's ACF book and found on page 66 a photo of a
Hooker tank car that looks pretty similar to the Trix car, except
that it's listed as a 4000 gallon car. With that, I developed a plan:

Remove tank from underframe. Sacrifice tank for the dome, and tank
ends (and maybe ladders and railings). Make new tank out of K&S
brass tubing (21/32 dia.) and file down Trix ends to fit inside. Re-
assemble. Add missing underframe section & real couplers (and
trucks?). Paint black and letter with many many many little decal
pieces for cars in the series HOKX 301-370. Hope that Hooker used
white lettering. And black paint.

I researched the cars in the ORER from 1945 off and on 'til their
demise. The ORER shows them as 3131 gal cars & 60,000 lbs capy.
#351 was built in September 1925 according to the book. There was a
"collection" of cars numbered from 301 to 370. All have the same
"dimensions" from the ORER, so I'm assuming they were similar cars
ordered at different times.

In 1945, there were about 70; in 1950, 64 (one converted to propane
at the time); in 1956, 51 in 1961, 21; in 1965 and 1970, 11; in 1976,
4 (337, 341, 352, 356); and none in 1980. Wow, cars built maybe in
the '20's lasting to 1976.

It's interesting that the "hotbeds" of chlorine production are Tacoma
and Niagara Falls. I'm figuring it's the electricity (Tacoma and
Bonneville--Bonneville coming online in 1937).


Edward Sutorik

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