Early Freight Car Docoration

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Let me preface my first posting to this forum by stating the
obvious - I'm fairly new to model trains and even newer to prototype

I'm interested in scratch building turn of the century freight cars
(1910 or earlier). I'd like advice on where I could find prototype
information on the graphics. Most pictures I've scrounged up on the
web are blurry distant images at best, and of course black and
white. I'm particularly interested in the more obscure New England

Where should I look to determine true color schemes. I realize a
historical society may be my best bet, but where would this type of
information be recorded? Did railroads typically keep records of
freight paint schemes? Did the rail car manufacturers?

I came across a picture of a B&A Blue Line box car I would love to
model. I suspect the text is Blue and the body a white or cream
color, but I'd like confirmation. Any and all advice would be

Paul Rocheleau

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