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Ray Breyer

Hi Al,
Actually, I enjoy the museum in Monticello FAR more than the one in St Louis. The St Louis guys may have more engines, but Monticello has more rolling stock, more of it is restored, and it's in a much more "railroady" setting. Moreover, while the St Louis guys (and many other museums) have a "one of everything" mentality, the guys at Monticello are much more specific and targeted in their collecting. Essentially, if it's not IC, Wabash or NKP, it had better be a freight car or something truly significant to Illinois railroad history. The volunteers at Monticello also tend to be more group oriented and get projects done in a more timely manner than any other largish all-volunteer museum I've seen. Finally, they have one of the most progressive steam programs in the nation, and are being watched VERY closely by that spectrum of the hobby.
Monticello is definitely more than a pit stop on the way to St Louis. Spend a day; I don't think you'll be disappointed!
Ray Breyer

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I was only down that way once to drop off a purchased PBGV puppy with a State
of Illinois employee, during the winter, and then headed up north to the folks
condo, then on the Claraden Hills/Hinsdale border.  It was a messy trip up with
all the wind-blown snow across the expressway (flat just like Indiana). 
Actually, had to pull into a rest stop for an hour's breakfast and let the
weather clear and road folks to get some salt on the roads.

Looks like a good place to stop and see some reefers on the way to the museum
in St. Louis.  however, the next museum/archives stop for me is the partial
Pullman-Standard collection in Union.

Al Kresse

Romeo, Michigan

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Don Burn
Grew up in Elmhurst, Illinois

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Where is the Monticello RR museum? New name to me. I visit Wheaton,
Illinois, at least three or four times a year.

Al Kresse

Grew up in Downers Grove, Illinois


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