Re: Upgrading Ulrich GS Gondola


Caution: the
white metal used by Ulrich is VERY hard. You will not have fun
any material from this model, and don't even THINK of trying to
holes for wire grabs.

I did think about drilling into the center sill of the Ulrich gon. I
wanted to mount those thingys (technical term) that hold up the two
brake levers. Four thingys. Eight holes. The first hole took an
hour (I used a pinvise). I soon figured out that I could get by with
four holes and just let the other end of the thingy just touch the
center sill. Four hours. I was younger and dumber then. No,
really. I only did one car--a GN. Maybe Tony and I should form a
club--wanna join?


Edward Sutorik

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