Re: Penn Salt tank car (was What to do with my Trix tank cars?)


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I can't recall ever seeing this before -- look how wide the
walkway is on this tank car -- It is double width.


Thanks for having eagle-eyes. I've been looking in my "library" for
possible Trix-matches or conversions, and I found a pretty good
candidate in my "Train Shed Cyclopedia" #12. There's drawings for a
tank car that pretty much matches the nominal 4000 gal Hooker cars--
and the section drawing shows walkway planking consisting of two 2x12
planks edge to edge on each side of the car to provide the frame-
mounted walkays.

And now I know Pennsylvania Salt had a plant in Tacoma! I
never knew...

And I now know that my assumption that all three of the Trix cars
were east coast only was wrong--one of them is Penn Salt--I hope I'll
be excused for the error of assuming Penn Salt was only eastern.

This project is becoming quite interesting. I hope someday to turn
it from talk to substance.


Edward Sutorik

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