Re: Box cars on your layout

Peter Ness

I'm finding this subject very useful and I'm still fairly new at this
but I thought I'd toss in my two cents;

Like some others, I've prioritized my roster-biulding as follows;

1. First the home road using a 1959 New Haven equipment summary -
deviation: I just plain don't like Clejan TOFC cars so until I can
get over it, I'm ignoring them...there were still another 350+ TOFC's
on the roster in other series.

2. Foreign roads are approximated from photos - maybe not a good way
to begin but by 1959 there were many photos taken on the property in
various locations providing a good range of both consists and freight
yards so I find this helpful if a bit backwards; first I know the
railroad and car type, then I have to see if I can read a roadnumber
then try to research that series...not too difficult for some roads,
impossible (for me, anyway) for others...but I make notes for the

I am almost positive my flawed method needs improvement because of
some some of my results;

Meat reefers - lots of meat packers in New England...lots of Wilson
and Swift cars as well as some Cudahy, Armour, etc...I am currently
enamored with a "Wimp" reefer photo but I can find no information in
this car or company...

Tank cars - Baker's Chocolate was an on-line of two
different Hercules Powder tanks in two different yards, two different
dates...Gulf, Hooker - but yes, lots and lots of SHPX to be sure...

Boxcars - multiple photos of CN and CP boxcars in consists on the
Maybrook line...but more curious, multiple photos of NC&StL boxcars
in multiple sidings at stations across the system! Lots of boxcars
from the South (furniture and paper products) - Southern, SAL, ACL...

Hoppers - B&O all over the place...N&W? nary a one (boxcars,
yes)...LNE covered hoppers (pool service with NH)

Gondolas - Reading, LV, NYC, Erie, Pennsy...

Yes, the Pennsy is large (many car types), NYC is large, and the New
Haven interchanged with Erie, LNE and L&HR (NYO&W gone by '59) at
Maybrook, but Santa Fe best represented by SFRD reefers almost as
numerous (in photos) as PFE and FGEX cars...Union Pacific is scacer
in photos than GN and WP...

Because I am modeling specific symbol freights and many photos are
captioned with this information, I haven't thought this idea of
roster development was too bad...until now...

Keep this thread going. I'm learning a lot to correct the errors of
my ways before investing too many hobby dollars improperly.

Peter Ness

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