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Dave Evans wrote

Any suggestions for changing the priorities?? Or are there
balancing priorities I have overlooked?
The most obvious one -- availability of the cars that we
would LIKE to have vs. those that are actually available.

It is possible to over-analyze this stuff. :-)

Tim O'Connor

Excellant point on availability - over analysis is a risk - but the
analysis shows that, for a WWII fleet, steel 50 foot box car models
are a fleet "gap". Bowser has some of the PRR fleet covered, but the
only other Styrene car I have found (thanks to the members of this
list), is the Proto 50' steel box cars. As I identify roads with large
50' steel box fleets, and review photos on the RPI site, it seems like
many of them look identical to the Proto car. Same side sill, 10'
inside height. The similarity is in stark contrast to the wide variety
of 40' box cars.

The RPI site has quite a few builders photos of these cars, and my C&O
book shows 100 of the class AF5-1, built in 1934 by Mount Vernon. Seem
very similar to the other cars.

Was this some form of standard design that dominated early 50' steel
box designs? I think I have identifed over a dozen roads with almost
identical cars - typically in 100 to 300 car blocks.

So the balance question returns - should my 50' steel fleet be
composed of mostly Bowser PRR cars and Proto cars, with one or two
resin cars mixed in (e.g. the N&W B-4 boxcar previously recommended),
or would that omit huge classes of cars? I remember someone remarking
that UP boxcar models are rare - but their 50' steel fleet was a close
second in size to the PRR fleet. ATSF was 3rd - ahead of NYC.

Recommendations appreciated, even though 50' steel box cars were only
4% of the national fleet (about 8 out of 200 cars).

The quest continues...

Dave Evans

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