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Ed Hawkins

On Feb 17, 2009, at 9:25 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Were these cars built in Seattle? Is that why there
are so many in this shot?
Tim O'
Pacific Car & Foundry built 600 ice-bunker reefers in 1954 for ART that
were leased to Armour with TRAX reporting marks and numbered
12000-12599. These cars were regularly loaded at Armour plants in St.
Joseph and Kansas City, Mo. for transport on the MoPac through St.
Louis to eastern destinations.

On two consecutive days (March 25-26, 1959), a total of 12 TRAX
12000-12599 series cars were assigned to eastbound train 70 departing
Kansas City. Wheel reports of these trains and representative photos of
cars on the trains were recently published in a special double issue by
the MPHS in the Fall-WInter 2008 issue of "The Eagle." Train 70 was a
Red-Ball heavily loaded with both meat and produce reefers, but also
carried a number of box cars and other types of cars. The wheel report
data specifies where each car originated and its final destination.
These TRAX reefers went to various cities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey,
New York, New Hampshire, Massechusetts, Virginia, and Tennessee. The
data from the wheel report not only provides information about the
destination, but also the routing from East St. Louis. A number of SFRD
reefers on these two trains originated in Glendale, Arizona carrying
lettuce for points east of St. Louis. There are many other wood and
steel reefers that ran on the trains including Swift, Wilson, Merchants
Despatch, URTX, GARX, and PFE.

Copies are available through on-line purchase (Paypal) via the MPHS web
site at (shameless plug).
Ed Hawkins

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