Kadee minimum body box widths


Has anyone on list ever done math to determine the minimum Kadee coupler box width needed to adhere to 18" radius curves yet allow use of Kadee couplers?  I know there are a series of variables, but an enterprising engineer could figure that out - Mr Storzek?

Variables I can think of:
- what car is coupled to
- length of car
- distance from Kadee pivot to truck center
- distance of Kadee shank

With the Kadee whisker couplers, box widths could become more narrow.  Of course, the pivot point being so far back with long shank precludes using significantly smaller boxes which is why Accurail designed a new coupler box with shorter shank.  Another concept is the option of a shorter shank Kadee whisker I suppose.

I noted Jon Cagle's Southern Car & Foundry Standard tank cars have nice narrow boxes and use of Kadee whiskers.

Any mathmeticians out there?

David Lehlbach

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