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I'm in the process of taking photos, albeit slowly, of the models listed in the article. As I get them done I wil;l forward them to you. That was my original intention, but have been side tracked several times by health issues and othe family problems.

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I have received a nice article from Rich Dietrichson listing late
steam/early diesel N Scale kits that are suitable for the Santa Fe.
Unfortunately, I do not have photos of any of the models referenced in the
article. While time is short, I would greatly appreciate any photos
(digital jpg, 300 dpi preferred) of the kits that list members might have
that could be sent to help illustrate this article. The following are the
models of interest:


50' Wood Sheathed Express Reefer

50' Steel Refrigerator Car

65' 6" Drop End Gondola

AAR Offset Side Triple Hopper


70 Ton Offset Side Quad Hopper, stand-in only

70 Ton Hart Ballast Car

50' Double Door Steel Box Car w/ Youngstown Doors


40' Single Sheathed Box Car

USRA Rebuilt 40' Steel Box Car


AAR Offset Side Triple Hopper

40' Wood Single Sheathed Box Car

50' Double Door Box Car

52'6" Flat Car

Fine N Scale

Caswell Gondolas

50' Wood Sheathed Reefer

50' Wood Express Reefer


1937 AAR Square Cornered 40' Box Car

1937 AAR 10'6" IH Steel Box Car

1937 AAR 50' Double Door Box Car

40' 12 Panel Steel Box Car w/ Raised Panel Roof

40' 12 Panel Steel Box Car with Diagonal Panel Roof;

USRA Rebuilt Steel Refrigerator Car;


ACF 70 Ton Closed Side Covered Hopper

Micro Trains

AAR Offset Side Twin Hopper

Composite Twin Hopper

Pullman Standard PS-1

39' Tank Car

50' Composite Gondola w/ Drop Ends

40' Double Wood Sheathed Box Car

40' 11/2 Door Double Wood Sheathed Box Car

Model Power

48'6" Gondola


40' Double Door Steel Box Car


GSC 53' 6" Flat Car

Please include Manufacturer, kit type, model builder and photographer so
that proper credit can be given. Obviously, I can't run photos of every
kit, but it would be great to have at least a few examples. Please email to
ehiser@.... Thanks in advance for the help, particularly at such short

Eric Hiser

Editor, Running Extra

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