SC&F tank car

Clark Propst <cepropst@...>

Lately I've been building resin kits like a mad man. I've come to the conclusion that a skit in a Red Green episode was absolutely correct. They were giving advice to a fella that was trying to assemble a BBQ without looking at the instructions and was caught by his wife. Their solution was that he was correct in throwing the instructions away, but he needed to keep the ones in the foreign language because he would need to look at the pictures. That about sums up resin kit instructions to me. I know the writer has good intentions, but this stuff is very hard to convey with the written word.
I just painted a SC&F double dome tank car. I got off to a rocky start and broke a piece then had several questions regarding construction. John Cagle was kind (or stupid ) enough to list his email address in the instructions. I emailed him asking for replacement parts and asked my questions. He's reply was to ask for my phone number. He called, we talked, I got the parts in the mail and finishing the kit.
This kit was intimidating to me because of the etch parts, which were actually a snap to assemble. If John comes out with another tank car that's of interest to me I'll sure buy it.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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