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Ed -
Did these cars run in passenger trains or second class freight? Would they usually be found on the house track of the local depot or at the MP freight house? Did they run singly or would you be apt to see several in a train? As brightly painted as they were I don't remember ever seeing one.

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OK. Now I'm getting confused by nomenclature. Ed, rereading your
in RPC 14, the sides are blue with a gray center band. In the
that center band is a different color than the ends. Are the 'gray'
center bands DPH964 Missouri Pacific Cream and the ends DPH965
Pacific Gray? And while I'm talking to the expert, is reefer yellow an
OK color for the upper & lower portions of the door?
The gray band extends completely across the car including the door. The
end is the same gray as used on the sides. Some of these cars received
blue ends. The yellow (also referred to as cream) is on the door that
interrupts the blue bands on the sides.
Ed Hawkins

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