Re: MP Eagle Merchandise colors

Ed Hawkins

On Feb 21, 2009, at 1:45 PM, Frank Fertitta wrote:

Did these cars run in passenger trains or second class freight? Would
they usually be found on the house track of the local depot or at the
MP freight house? Did they run singly or would you be apt to see
several in a train? As brightly painted as they were I don't remember
ever seeing one.
Eagle Merchandise Service (XME) box cars were for less-than-carload
freight service. They were often found on house tracks at a local depot
to be loaded or unloaded, such as the color photo at Topeka, Kansas,
shown in RP CYC Vol. 14. They were commonly run in blocks of 3 or more
cars, as exemplified in wheel reports shown and illustrated in the
recently published Fall-Winter 2008 edition of The Eagle
( The cars had stencils in the upper left corner of the
sides stating they were to be kept on line. That's not to say they
didn't get off line, but prior to the late 1950s it wasn't a common
occurrence. So if you didn't happen to see them and were looking off
line, that's the reason you don't recall seeing them. The Eagle
Merchandise Service less-than-carload service was terminated in 1961,
and the cars were then free to roam. By this time the cars weren't
looking so bright and cheerful.
Ed Hawkins

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