Canadian Prewar AAR Boxcars

Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

Way back in 2007 Pierre Oliver said:
I have need of dozens of these cars in all their variants and will
continue to create them using the aftermarket parts and details as
described by Stafford Swain in RMC all those years ago now. It will
cost about the same and I'll the fun of building the cars. And I get
to use the lovely decal sets from Black Cat Publishing.
I did a search on the MR Train Index site and came up with 65 hits for
Stafford. I need some help narrowing down the back issue(s) I need to find.
Was this the article in the August 1993, February 1994, or July 1988, of
RMC? He also hade multiple articles in RMJ in the 90's. Thanks
Brian Carlson

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