Re: SOO postwar AAR Boxcars

Tim O'Connor


During 1951 Soo started with $ herald, e.g.
(WC) 136800-137198 blt 1951 FOND DU LAC (200) [MORTON rb]

In 1951 Soo changed to bold SOO LINE close to the doors, e.g.
45100-45498 blt 1951 FOND DU LAC (200) [MORTON rb]

By 1953 Soo changed to lettering further from doors, e.g.
(WC) 137200-137698 blt 1953 FOND DU LAC

All of the above series were even numbers only.

Tim O'Connor

P.S. I have a bunch of Soo cars, including Front Range
kits from the Soo Historical Society. I think I've got
all the lettering variations. :-)

While working on my 2 SOO cars, I noticed that Branchline located the SOO
LINE Lettering in different locations on different cars. How many different
locations was the large SOO LINE lettering applied on the post war boxcars?
Perhaps more importantly how many of each location was applied? 137006 has
the SOO LINE high and tight to the door.

Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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