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During 1951 Soo started with $ herald, e.g.
(WC) 136800-137198 blt 1951 FOND DU LAC (200) [MORTON rb]

In 1951 Soo changed to bold SOO LINE close to the doors, e.g.
45100-45498 blt 1951 FOND DU LAC (200) [MORTON rb]
The Soo equipment diagram sheets show 45100-45498e as built in 1950
under GMS (General Mechanical Supt.) order number 6284, and
136800-137198e as built in 1951 under GMS 6285. However, I seem to
recall that there are lettering variations in both groups, so it would
seem that both were being built concurrently, perhaps in alternating
batches. In Wallace Abby's "The Little Jewel" there is a photo of at
least nine cars (the string goes out of the picture) being switched
out of the paint shop, all with the lettering close to the door, and
while the numbers can't be deciphered in the half tone, it is clear
that it is a mix of five and six digit numbers. The number series
relates to which company was paying for them and thus owned them;
remember, between 1909 and 12-31-60 the Wisconsin Central was still a
separate company being operated by the Soo. The cars with six digit
numbers are WC and should have a tiny WC stenciled in the upper left
corner of the sides.

In Patrick Dorin's "The SOO LINE" there is a company photo of a car
right outside the paint shop with the close lettering, numbered 45398,
weighed 10-51. On page 129 of the same book there is a photo of a
short train heading away from the photographer; the last car, 137154
with the spread out lettering in the high position.

I was also wrong about no new car production in 1952, the diagram book
claims 45500-45898e and 137200-137498e built that year under GMS 6342
and 6343.

By 1953 Soo changed to lettering further from doors, e.g.
(WC) 137200-137698 blt 1953 FOND DU LAC

All of the above series were even numbers only.

Tim O'Connor

P.S. I have a bunch of Soo cars, including Front Range
kits from the Soo Historical Society. I think I've got
all the lettering variations. :-)
No one to my knowledge has ever done the cars with the lettering high
but spread out.


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