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Model Railroading, April 1989: photo of SOO #136802 w/ $ herald.

So is it possible that 136800-137198 got all three variations as
they were being built?? The three being (1) $ herald (2) close to
door, high letters (3) further from door, high letters. And then
repaints got (4) away from door, lowered letters!

Tim O'Connor
Yes. It's also possible that the lettering was moved to the final
location during the production of that run; also cars in series
45100-45498 might exhibit all the same variations because it appears
the two groups were produced concurrently. Now you see why no one has
ever tried to determine the start and end number of each variation;
with two unrelated number series it's just too confusing... for the
number of cars of any of these variations really needed on the layout,
it's better to just find a photo and use that specific car number.

Since these cars were built in-house rather than being ordered from a
builder, it appears that production was more or less continuous over a
span of years, so things like lettering changes just happened when
they happened.

Interspersed with the production of 40' cars were several groups of
40' insulated cars (XLI), 50' XLs, and 50' double door cars with the
door openings centered for paper loading. The 40' combo door cars
built in 1959 were about the end of the in house production, but after
buying a few small lots of PS-1's from Pullman and some RBLs from
PC&F, they cranked up again in 1963 to build 50' exterior post cars,
which continued for another sixteen or so years. North Fond du Lac was
building cars almost continuously between 1948 and 1979.


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