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Branchline does have 4 different PL schemes for these cars.? If you purchase the 4 pack you will receive one of each version.

Rich Orr

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While working on my 2 SOO cars, I noticed that Branchline located the
LINE Lettering in different locations on different cars. How many
locations was the large SOO LINE lettering applied on the post war
Perhaps more importantly how many of each location was applied?
137006 has
the SOO LINE high and tight to the door.
Perhaps Bill Schneider will chime in on this question. I recall
assisting Bill by sending to him a variety of photos plus some other
references to photos in various books and magazines.

Bill will probably tell you that no other box car in Branchline's
product line was more challenging than the Soo Line's postwar AAR box
cars. Some had black ends, others not. There were at least three
variations on the lettering including the original dollar-sign railroad
emblem, then at least two variations on the billboard SOO LINE stencils
with some cars having SOO LINE close to the doors and others more
widely spaced. The latter version appears to be most common.

There's a neat shot of one of these cars on page 52 of the Morning Sun
book Trackside Around St. Louis. The car is upright, but had come
disengaged from the train and is shown on the ground in the middle of a
street near a railroad overpass. This car had the SOO LINE billboard
stencils closely spaced next to the door. The car had black ends and
possibly a black roof. Unfortunately I cannot make out the car number,
but the first 3 digits were 137, which indicates the car was built in
either 1951 or 1953 given the placards were in the high position. Soo
Line box cars built in 1954 had their placards in the low position. The
photo was taken Oct. 15, 1954.

I have a number of photos of cars that I will describe for your
potential use:
45450, new 11-51, wide spacing
46034 and 45056, new 7-54, wide spacing
136802, built 1951 (cannot read date stencils), reweighed 6-58, $ sign
137190, new 11-51, wide spacing
137272, new 6-53, wide spacing
136502, built 10-49, apparently repainted and reweighed 2-52, wide
spacing (appears to have black ends)

From all appearances the earliest Soo LIne postwar AAR box cars built
in 1949 and the first part of the order built in 1951 originally had
the $ sign emblem. The switch to the billboard SOO LINE stencils
apparently occurred sometime during the 1951 production run.
Ed Hawkins
Guys: Perhaps my memory is playing tricks on me but it seems to me
Branchline said they had the big SOO LINE in three different places. I
used to work in a hobby store and I was puzzled why there were three
different product numbers for what looked like the same car. There was
wide and narrow spacing and also I think there was a lower spacing....
Actually I just checked the Branchline site and they said they have
four different spacings. What do you say, SOO fans?

Stephan Parachuk


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