Re: SOO postwar AAR Boxcars

Schuyler Larrabee

It's also possible that the lettering was moved to the final
location during the production of that run; also cars in series
45100-45498 might exhibit all the same variations because it appears
the two groups were produced concurrently. Now you see why no one has
ever tried to determine the start and end number of each variation;
with two unrelated number series it's just too confusing...


I suppose so. But, given that the four schemes have been identified, it's somewhat surprising that
some SOO-obsessed individual has not compiled a list indicating which car numbers have which scheme.
I know that there are some individuals who are afflicted with such a disease regarding ERIE/DL&W/EL
rolling stock. Yours truly included but not obsessively so. More in the random observation mode,
and unfortunately, in a rather disorganized effort; I randomly run across various of these
observations scribbled down on paper or in curiously titled computer files. I suppose I should get
organized about that.


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