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As is a common greeting on another list I'm on: Esteamed colleagues:

I'm doing some research on the likely dimensions of a particular covered
hopper, looking to assist a
small kit maker in producing a model. One question that came up is whether
the sliding hopper gates
on these cars were a standard size from the various manufacturers.

I've looked at my copies of the '43 and '61 Car Builder's Cycs. On page 298
and 496 of the '43 Cyc,
it shows "Enterprise Bulk Commodity Outlets" as applied to a two-bay 70-ton
AAR LO. (Does anyone
know what prototype car the drawing is for?) The drawing on 298 dimensions
the hoppers as 13" x
24", longitudinally by laterally.

In the '61 Edition (referred to here for >historical< information only, of
course) on page 261, the
gates of an ACL hopper are dimensioned laterally at 2'-0", but no dimension
is given longitudinally.
And the only other reference I've found is on pages 268-9, where a CN hopper
has bates that are
dimensioned at 13" x 23". (On page 266, there is a drawing of a Keystone
"Portloc" outlet which is
similar, but it says the opening is 3" x 2'-0" [sic]. That is obviously in
error, and I'd like to
think that it should have said 13" x 2'-0".)

A secondary but completely related question has to do with the slopes of the
hoppers. Are they
fairly standard, from the frame down to the outlets? I mean, they LOOK
pretty much the same from
car to car, but that's a dangerous assumption.

The car in question is a four-bay car designed primarily to haul potash.

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