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In addition, there is the True Line Trains 36' Fowler boxcar which I
understand is due to be released fairly soon, although I am unable to find
much information on the TLT website.

William Bryk

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Several of the Model Die Casting/Roundhouse 50 foot
single sheathed cars are completely accurate, albeit
with cast-on details -- owners MP, T&P, WP, and many
others. Richard Hendrickson wrote a fine article in
Railmodel Journal, July 1996, with lots of photos.

And don't forget Accurail's wonderful Illinois Central
single sheathed box car. I picked up a decorated model
from 5th Avenue Car Shops that is 100% accurate.

Or the Proto 2000 Mather box car (which represents the
lower height version of the Mather car).

Avoid the Walthers 50 foot SS box car. One way ticket
to Foobie-ville.

Or you could pay me wads of money to custom build resin
single sheathed box cars for you. :-)

Tim O'

As my freight car fleet develops I have the general impression that my
box car mix has too few single-sheathed cars. This is just a
subjective impression unrelated to any numbers, percentages or the
Landmesser hot box list.
Will the wonderful RP CYC #18 result in any plastic, injection-molded
box car models?
Gene Green
Tim and Gene: Good point on the Accurail Tim and don't forget the
other Accurail SS boxcars too. The nine panel car has wood ends or
Murphy ends, wood doors or steel and there's also the seven panel cars
with 3-3-3 Dreadnaught ends or wooden ends.

Stephan Parachuk

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