Screen Material Now Available, Direct From AMB


Hi Fellow Rivet Counters,

Last December, there was discussion on this list about
available window screen material.

Back around message 77676, Bob Chapman worte:

Does anyone have a favorite product to recommend for HO scale
window?screens as found on cabooses, camp cars, etc.?
What I'm looking for is a fine mesh, but not so fine as to totally?
hide the window behind it.?
Bob Chapman

Andy Sperandeo was kind enough, along with several others,
to mention the screen material we use for our ATSF Way Car
window screens, and a couple of our structures, in post number
77728, as follows:

Hi Bob,

This is a subject of great interest to me, as all Santa Fe way cars (cabooses)
have window screens, and often screen doors too. The product I really like is a
fine mesh (nylon or some other synthetic) sold by American Models Builders in
its Laserkit line. Kit no. 341 includes sash and door frames to fit the Athearn
Santa Fe caboose. Laserkit has other screen window and door kits using the same
material, but I don't know if it sells the mesh separately. Sunshine Models has
included the same or a similar material in some of its kits, so it must be
available somewhere else.
So long,

We have received enough requests, asking that we make the material
available, that we have done just that.

It is our new Kit/Part #225 - Screen Material.
You get a 4" X 6" piece (24 sq. inches) for $6.95

Anyone wishing to order may email: laserkit@...

Additionally, Andy mentions the article he wrote for MR on how
to "color" and weather the screen material in message 77800:

Re: [STMFC] Re: Carbody Window Screens

After seeing Jerry's nice MP compact-body caboose, I posted a photo of one of my
Santa Fe way cars with the Laserkit screens. It's in the Files section of the
STMFC site on Yahoo, in a folder called "Andy S freight cars." In this case I
colored the mesh with a black marking pen, but I've also used a brown marker for
more of a copper color. For another approach to window screens, see my article
on detailing ATSF way cars in the September '91 MR. I now prefer the Laserkit
screens, but I haven't replaced those old ones.

Thanks to everyone who emailed us about it.

John Hitzeman
AMB, Inc.

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